1. Savvas Yiannoulou blog post #4

    Sorry for the late post everyone as I’ve been out of town for the past couple of days. I guess I kind of spent the last “official” internship week on vacation haha. I had an opportunity to go up North to the Bay Area, so I took off work and jumped on that.

    It was a great experience as I got to see a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time, make new friends, and see some beautiful sights. We rented a car and were able to stay with a friend of our parents’ friend in Montara, just south of San Fran. His name is Jeff and he’s the raddest dude out. He’s a dad and husband, loves to surf, a Captain at Trader Joe’s, beer aficionado, and super nice and hospitable. We spent every morning over cups of coffee and every evening over mugs of beer.

    I finally patrolled the forest with the last of the Ents, through the Redwoods in Muir, just over the Golden Gate.


    Drank wine in Napa Valley


    Walked around the grounds of Inglenook, which is Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery and Estate.


    Rode a cable car up and down the hills of San Francisco


    Saw the house from Mrs. Doubtfire (one of my favorite comedies growing up, well actually it still holds up.)


    Then we drove back south along the Pacific Coast Highway, through Big Sur, and stood on the edge of the earth.




    A groupof elephant seals in a cove, just south of Big Sur.


    Now I’m extremely tired, working in the office, doing some coverage on short stories. I’m really grateful for being able to have this internship experience. It really is one of the best things you can do while in school. I’ve been able to do a myriad of things both on a professional and personal level that I would never have been able to accomplish otherwise. I’ve learned so much in and around the office in regards to the industry and how to become better and more efficient. Not only have I just been able to make connections within the office but I’ve been able to network with a lot of people outside the office, from chance meetings at bars, random encounters with neighbors, connections through friends and family etc. it’s been a very valuable experience. Despite the official term ending now, I plan on staying with the company for at least another two weeks before heading back East.



  2. Levi Vasquez Blog Post 4


    This is the last blog post for the summer internship in LA. It’s been great! While here I’ve learned lots about script coverage, pitching scripts and ideas, editing, distribution, and much more. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet lots of great people.

    Through my internship at Market Street I was able to conduct two interviews over the last week. One with an Assistant Editor, Michael Tang: he gave my some valuable tips on how to navigate the job market and what to expect during your first year in LA. He also shared his career goals. The other interview was with Cale Boyter, a producer/executive producer and President of Production at Disruption Entertainment. He has produced/executive produced many films, including: Elf, A History of Violence, Wedding Crashers, Just Friends, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and many more. He articulated his journey into the industry, including what inspired him. He also discussed the current state of the industry as well as things that frustrate and challenge him.

    Also, at Market Street, I got to meet the director of the film I have been an assistant editor on for the past month. This was a very valuable experience. It showed me the value of working with and meeting deadlines for clients. If you do both well, you will have a happy customer.

    Here are some more photos of internships/West Hollywood/LA:

    A view from Market Street offices. It’s right across the street from the beach. So, yeah, I pretty much have lunch on the beach everyday.

    View from when I stayed at the Roosevelt hotel:

    View from a restaurant I had lunch at. It was high up on a cliff; so flocks of birds would fly right by our seating. Very cool.

    This is a statue guy that stands in front of our house. Creepy. Cool.

  3. Nick Perez Update

    After working in the office the past couple weeks everything is a lot more familiar and I am able to navigate myself around a lot quicker in the city. I will admit that one of the best parts of being in NYC is the food. Every day I go to a new place for lunch and I already have favorite spots I go to on the weekends. I am staying busy at Udirect and last week we shot a commercial for Microsoft.

    We got to see some of the new phones they are planning to reveal in 2015 and I got to watch the finished commercial at the end of the week. Prior to shooting we had all been working on compiling footage for the commercial so it was really cool seeing all the footage we had found in the final commercial. 

    The other thing I love about the city is the access to anything you could want. Me and my cousin went to the IFC movie theater and watched the new movie Boyhood. It was an awesome movie and I highly recommend it to anyone 

    I hope everyone is enjoying their internships as they wrap up

    -Nick Perez 

  4. Jessica Oyler final blog post

    First off let me just say that I am really glad that I decided to stay beyond the semester date especially since I wasn’t able to get here till the 2nd half of the semester. Four weeks wouldn’t have been enough time that is for sure. I still feel as if I have much to learn so luckily I have about 3 weeks left. This past week I have done some more sight seeing and exploring everything which has been great of course. At Toybox unfortunately I have been unable to finish the spot I was working on due to the fact that I have gotten busy in my duties as a runner. I enjoy being a runner because I get to see different studios and go places I may not have went otherwise. The coolest thing I experienced this week was going on a run out to the middle of no where to deliver something to a set. Overall this experience has been absolutely wonderful and as I said I am really glad I still have 3 weeks left I still have much to do! Work wise and as far as having fun. I think this weekend I will check out magic mountain and this week I plan to stay later after my scheduled time to work on and finish my spot. I really want to take advantage of the opportunity to show what I can do to the producers that work here. If anyone ever asks if they should do san internship in LA I would say definitely! Thank you for the experience! 

  5. Mallory Brayman Final Blog Post

    I cannot believe this summer is coming to a close! I still have three more weeks interning at Netttwerk and I plan to make the most of it. One of the cool things I forgot to mention is the Nettwerk office is located in the Hollywood Athletic Club with is a pretty famous historic building in Hollywood.


    Every week at my internship to make the most of my time here I go out to lunch with a different person at the office. This allows me to learn more about what they do, how they got to where they are today, and if they have any advice for me. Next week I am going out to lunch with people from the sales department, and I am really excited to get to know them better and learn more about what they do for the label.

    Last week I went out with some of the other interns to the Twilight Concert series in Santa Monica. It was so much fun and I recommend it to everyone! Every Thursday night on the Santa Monica Pier there is a free concert. Last week it was Yuna. I definitely plan on going again before the summer is over. Here is a picture from it.


    Another fun thing I did this past weekend was I took a day trip to Santa Barbara with Savvas. It was absolutely beautiful! I would love to live there one day. It was a good break from the LA city life. The only down side to the trip is we were in stopped traffic for two hours due to a car crash. I definitely will not miss LA traffic when I go home!


  6. Rebecca blog 4

    Hello! I am sad to have to leave this internship, but I’m going to stick around for a couple days more if I can, since the new interns don’t start again until August. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Screen Gems and the people I have met. I didn’t get a chance to meet with the stunt coordinator for Under the Dome, but I hope to some other time in the future. I will be interviewing with a set decorator tomorrow, which I am also highly interested in pursuing. For now, I’ve just been enjoying the rest of my time at Screen Gems, continuing work on purchase orders and equipment. Under the Dome just wrapped so we’re putting together all the quotes for Secrets and Lies which is just starting production. Here is some of us riding the bikes around the lot.

    I might not be leaving so soon though, so just keep your fingers crossed for me during my interview tomorrow for a part time position in the accounting office! To be continued… 

  7. Taylor Abrams Blog 4

    Hey everyone! I can’t believe my summer and my summer internship is almost over. Southern California has been pretty nice as usual. Thought, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t homesick. For this blog, I want to talk about my trip to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA.

    You’d be surprised by how many nationalities have created lively communities in Los Angeles. Last year, I got a chance to wander around Chinatown with Anna (another UNCW student). 

    This time I went to Little Tokyo by myself for a couple of hours. It’s always cool walking around, seeing buildings and signs in different languages without leaving the US. Churches, banks, restaurants were all written in Japanese. 


    For those who don’t know, I’m such a big manga fan so I had to run through the bookstore and look at the collection. I went into random grocery stores just to look at all the different foods and candies being sold.   

    It was such a beautiful day. I recommend anyone visiting LA to hit up Little Tokyo before they leave. They have a lot of different events going on through out the summer. I found out about most of them once they were over. But it absolutely helps to have a car, I’m a metro rider so I refuse to stay any where once the sun sets for my own personal safety. 

  8. Beau Mumford Final Blog

    Hey guys,

    It’s hard to believe that everything is coming to an end. I’ve had a lot of fun working in LA this summer and I hope that I’ll be back again shortly. One thing that I haven’t mentioned in my posts is how laid back it is at the IFT office. Of course, everyone works hard and sometimes it can seem like there are billions of things going on but for the most part everyone is pretty calm. This was a nice surprise because I’ve always heard horror stories about people treating interns harshly, never from one specific person mind you. I guess it’s just a trope that get’s plaid out in movies and television a lot although I know it still happens in the real world from time to time.

    In other news, I recently heard that they are trying to reach a deal on a script that I read and recommended a while back. Who knows if anything will stick or if the movie will be successfully produced, however, it is cool to think that something I read this summer might end up on the big screen sometime in the future. And while I’m sure my coverage was probably only a small factor, it’s nice to know that my input is valued on some level. They were actually really good at making me feel like my opinions were appreciated and that can make a big difference. They are also always willing to talk to you. I recently interviewed a development executive at Benaroya Pictures (although he’s told me he really doesn’t like labels). He offered a lot of cool insights into the industry as well as some solid advice. 

    Finally, I usually end on some of the fun stuff I’m doing in LA. Because of where I live and work, the easiest main stretch to access is Wilshire Blvd. Lucky for me there was a lot of fun things to do on Wilshire so I thought I’d share. Firstly there are a whole bunch of cool museums to go to. Two of which  are LACMA (The LA County Museum of Art) and the Page museum at the La Brea tar pits. Both of those museums are really fun if you enjoy art and/ or mammoth and dire wolf skulls. 

    The heart breaking scene as a mammoth child and mother watch as daddy mammoth sinks into the tar. 

    A very cool sculpture call Metropolis 2 at LACMA. Basically the world’s coolest Hot Wheels Track.

    There are also many concert venues off of Wilshire one of the coolest of which was the El Rey. I got to see a concert there and it was an absolute blast.

    Just look at those chandeliers. Now that’s classy. 

    Those are just a few of the many cool activities you can do and that’s just one road out of hundreds. Needless to say, you can’t really be bored in LA. I had a fun time both working and hanging out here and hopefully, I’ll be back soon. 

  9. Blog #4 Curry Morris


    This past week was relatively quiet at the L&G shop and we spent a good portion of the week fixing equipment and taking inventory. We pulled some orders in preparation for next week, which will be CRAZY because Under the Dome wraps but Secrets & Lies starts. It’s going to be insanely busy! 

    I also got to interview the VFX supervisor for Under the Dome, Adam Avitabile. He is a really cool, down to earth guy with a TON of experience. He has done some awesome work. I recorded the interview and cannot wait to share it! 

    I can’t believe next week is the last week. This summer has gone by insanely fast! 

  10. Christina Lamia Blog Post #4 

    Hello everyone,

    I can’t believe next week is the last week of my internship! It went by so fast. But anyway this past week I have barely been in the office much and instead I have just been helping out in the shop. I pretty much spent the week helping the guys fix lights and other equipment. I also helped them pull some orders as well. Nothing really new and exciting has happened.

    I finally got in touch with the head special effects makeup guy for Sleepy Hollow but unfortunately no matter how many times I try to call him and text him he can’t seem to give me a straight answer on when we can meet. I  understand he is extremely busy but I am so bummed that I might have to find another person to interview since I can’t get a hold of him. (and now I am panicking since I have less than a week >.<)  But I am still hoping that I will hear from him Monday (fingers crossed).

     I look forward to my last week at my internship and hopefully I won’t stress too much about this interview =/ and I hope it will all work out in the end!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

    Bye bye!