1. Rachel Gonzalez Last Update

    Sorry that my post is late but I just posted a few days ago and I felt that it would be fitting to do my last post on my last day in LA. I can’t believe it’s already my last day here in LA. It still doesn’t seem real that I am leaving tomorrow morning. I thought for my last post I would share some of my favorite time that I’ve had here. the first day I want to share was earlier in my summer experience. It was the first shoot that I went on. It was the first professional shoot that I had ever been on. And I got to meet Casey Affleck so it was a pretty awesome day. My first full day in LA was also pretty amazing. I went on the Warner Brothersstudio tour. My favorite part of the tour was getting to see the set for my favorite TV show, Friends. 

    Another of my best days was when my family came to visit for 4th of july weekend. We went to Disneyland and I have to admit even being an adult Disneyland is always a great choice for a fun day

    Warner Brothers wasn’t the only studio tour I went on. I also was able to go on the Paramount tour during my stay in LA. I still can’t decide which tour I liked best

    I .

    Today being my last day though has definitely been my favorite and least favorite day at the same time. I got to reminisce on all the good times I’ve had with all the amazing people I’ve met here in LA. This first picture is of me with the 3 other interns at Toy box. 

    Next is me with on of the senior editors, Linda Bobel, that I was able to really make a connection with.  Last is me with Jonathan and Carson Rice, both UNCW alumni. Miles one of the dubroom workers decided to photo bomb.  I have had such an amazing time here in LA. It’s a bittersweet end to the best summer of my life. 

  2. Marcella Caudill Final Post

    Sorry my posting is late but I just now got internet back.

    Anywho. I cannot believe the summer is already over! This past week has flown by. I must recommend everyone getting groupon before coming out to LA! We went to Yosemite Wednesday-Sunday and then drove to Vegas for a couple of nights, so wish us luck! We get back to LA on Tuesday and then are going to a $10 dodgers/yankee game :)

    I have been so lucky to get to intern at Sarah Finn Casting. I have met a-list actors along with up-and-coming actors. It’s been a hectic environment but everyone in the office is willing to help each other at all times. It has been an amazing experience and I am so sad that I leave in a few days. I’m really glad that I got to work with Claire, Jason, Tamara, and Sarah. They all were willing to answer my questions and teach me the casting side of the business. It was all so interesting and I feel like I would like to continue onto casting!

    It was really great being able to come to LA because you need to discover what city is right for you. I love LA because theres a beach nearby, different areas of the city to do different things, the weather is the same every day (although I do miss rain), and it’s near Yosemite National Park, which was breathtaking. We hiked about 25 miles in 3 days :) I can’t wait to go back when I move here next year! Here are some photos!


    This week has been crazy. I hate that my time in LA is ending so soon. I took an overnight trip to Las Vegas and also hope to go to San Diego before I leave. In Vegas, I was able to gamble and someone in my group saw Mike Tyson. I also got to go to a live taping of Conan Obrien’s show and Jessie from Breaking Bad was on! On my way to check out Kat Von D’s tattoo shop, a scene straight out of a movie happened.

    An insane man on the bus starting beating a woman with his cane. Then a guy barged through the bus doors because he saw that the first man had a gun. Everyone started getting off the bus when he takes his jacket off revealing nun chucks around his neck, the gun, and a knife in his pocket. He pulls it out and everyone left on board runs to the other end of the bus up by the driver. I was the last person to get up there and another man selflessly swapped our positions to protect me. Then the crazy man came closer and saw the driver calling the cops and pushed through the bus doors and left, chasing someone else on the street. I was in shock for awhile. I missed my interview with my boss but work was very understanding and I got three emails checking on me. Stay safe out there guys!!! I was terrified. 

    I am going to miss my internship so much, I actually enjoy going to work and reading scripts. It’s a very creative environment and I hope I can someday work in development. I wish I could work there longer!

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    John Gaulden: Final Post

    This last week in LA has seen some killer moments. Each week seems to be better than the last, which is not going to make for an easy departure.

    My internship with digital distributor, Quiver, led me to the Los Angeles Entertainment Summit, a tech expo for all things media distribution, merchandising, and video games. It was a swarm of business cards, free swag, and small talk, but, for me, felt like an accomplishment. I spent the first week at Quiver trying to wrap my head around all the complexities of digital distribution, so the opportunity to pitch Quiver’s M.O. and explain to people something I didn’t know a month ago was a great maker for how much I’ve learned out here.


    Outside of the office, I’ve been trying to absorb as much of the West Coast as possible. Tourism is a big part of LA, with sights and attractions littered about, and there was a moment of slight catharsis when I met a German tourist who asked me about the city, what he should see, where he should eat at and such. Suddenly I felt less like a tourist myself and more of a resident. I’m definitely coming back to this town.

    Also, I met Nicholas Winding Refn and Cliff Martinez, which, for me, is pretty similar to meeting God. I asked Refn if he had any advice for wannabe filmmakers. 

    “Do it your way. And what your way is may change from year to year, but never compromise,” he said. There are some moments when I just really love being a film major. 

  5. Taylor Abrams Final Post

    Hello UNCW family, it is Taylor and this is my final post. What better way to end the post than to talk about my trip to the observatory. I’ll definitely say that the trip to the observatory was needed. This visit was on a day where I was dealing with personal problems, so this trip brightened up my mood. We got there around 8:00 so we barely caught the sunset peaking from behind the mountains

    Isn’t that a beautiful shot? So we got to look around even though the place was crowded to the brim! 

    The was a picture of LA/Hollywood from the top.

    This here is a picture of an instrument that is used to prove that the earth is rotating, my favorite display personally.

    and finally this is me, enjoying the views.

    Through all the ups and downs, I absolutely enjoyed the opportunity to be on this internship. Not only did I do something most students don’t have the privilege to but I had the chance to make some life long connections with people across the country. All I know for certain is that I’ll be back in California in no time!

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    Frank Allman Final Post

    As stated above this is the last post for my LA internship. It has been a great experience out here for me. I have met several cool people who are in the industry in one way or the other. Some are actors, producers for indie films, camera and photography, and even distribution. My last week here at Quiver involved me going with Skip to an Expo for Quiver and Premiere Digital. I met interesting people there, talking with representatives from companies like M Go, Reel House (which are movie streaming sites like Netflix) and reps from gaming companies too.

    Looking back on these past two months, this has been a great and fun summer. I can’t wait to be back out here and hopefully be working here doing something related to my degree.

    Hollywood BLVD

    The Zimmerman protesting in Hollywood.


  7. Johnny Reynolds: Final Post

    Hey everyone. So while this my be my final post for the summer session, I will not be leaving my internship. Since I graduated in May and have no school to come back to, I will be staying in LA, continuing my internship, and continuing writing. This summer has gone by super fast, and I’ve really enjoyed my time out here. Hopefully, the rest of my time out here will be just as enjoyable.

    The renovations at Vertigo are still going on. I’m not sure when they are going to end but it can;t be soon enough. Beside our reception area, there is a massive office space where they decided to put in a giant golf simulator. But wait! Not only is it a golf simulator, but an HD screen can come down in front of the golf screen to play movies. A 3D blu-ray player, a PS3, and an X-Box 360 are all hooked up to the screen. And there is surround sound. They tested out Iron Man the other day and let me tell you, those explosions drowned out any other possible sound. It is ridiculous.

    The rest of the office is coming along nicely. Posters of all the films Vertigo has worked on are hanging up all throughout the office. And there’s a pretty cool black and white photo of the Hollywood sign in the reception area.

    Below is the picture and the golf simulator being worked on.

    And just for fun, a couple more pictures from Comic Con, because it was too awesome. Below is me with my favorite cosplayers and Isaac (another Vertigo intern) and I in front of the Comic Con sign.

  8. Anna Roberts - Final Update.

    What’s up nerds.  Is there a better way to wrap up my final post than to finish it with some pictures from San Diego Comic-Con 2013?  I think not.

    I decided that since I was already in California, and would be here during this event, I would make my way down to San Diego whether I had a pass or not.  Johnny Reynolds and Isaac (another Vertigo intern) rode down with me leaving LA at 6:30 AM (to beat traffic, of course) to get there in less than 3 hours.

    Because our bosses are so amazing, they found out ways to get us into the convention center AND found passes for us to attend the WIRED Magazine after party.  

    Let’s just say I cannot express how much I will miss everyone here at Vertigo.  Each of the creative execs were so helpful and constructive any time I asked for anything.  Gavin, Daniel, Irene - if you somehow happen to read this, y’all are the best.

    Scooby Doo = my childhood

    Sorry Johnny, but this pictures NEEDS to be on the internet.

    Warner Bros. and Revolution at Comic-Con

    Johnny Reynolds and I at the Wired Magazine/Game of Thrones after party!

  9. La-Rel Easter: Almost a week later…

    Tomorrow will mark a week since I have returned to NC, a fact that illustrates just how quickly time has passed. I have been occupied by whatever my little sisters have gotten themselves into and, oddly enough, find myself remembering Voltage and Los Angeles as a peaceful oasis. Maybe that is just one of the many symptoms of delirium. Having turned in both of my final assignments today, I guess I can say that this marks the official end to this summer semester. This internship has shown me just how accessible the film industry is, with there being many ways to gain entrance. My interview with Ryan Belenzon was the perfect way to end my trip, serving as a kind of conclusion to my experience. Determination and confidence have been two of the most important takeaways from my journey, and for that I am forever grateful. In reading my peers’ posts, I know that they have been motivated by their experiences as well. Their accounts have certainly inspired me.

  10. Matt Herzog: Final Update

         My time in LA working for Voltage is winding down, but the internship has been busier than ever.  At the office I have been cranking out more coverage of scripts for features and even pilots of TV series.  But in the midst of all the reading and picking apart screenplays, going on delivery/airport runs, and making sure the Zero Theorem trailer stays off the internet, I managed to squeeze in an interview with Craig Flores, a producer at Voltage that has had a hand in producing numerous films from 300 to Immortals to Everybody’s Fine to even such upcoming projects as The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.  The interview was eye-opening and clued me in on a lot of aspects of what being a producer is like, but more on that when I actually type the interview up.

         As for the city I’m enjoying my last few days in, sometimes you really get reminders in this city that you can run into any number of exciting things at any given time.  I just happened to be exploring a vinyl record store that I wanted to check out, when purely out of lucky coincidence, I happen to discover that Drive and Only God Forgives director and soundtrack composer Nicolas Winding Refn and Cliff Martinez just so happened to be doing a signing at that record store that night.  So after recovering from my seizure of nerd excitement, I went back later that night and, after waiting in line, got the chance to shake hands with and meet two artists whose work I’m obsessed with.  They were  both super cool and down to earth and I managed to get an autographed vinyl soundtrack and poster in the process.



         Anyway, as I sit in this Venice Beach Starbucks typing the final blog of my final week working in LA, I find myself reflecting on how much I’m going to miss this place.  I hope one day I’m fortunate enough to make it back out here and learn as much about the industry as I have this summer.  But as for now, it looks like it’s time to shut the laptop, walk down to the boardwalk and make the most of the last few days I’ll be spending here.